Abalam One Quarter Sheet Inlay Blanks

These Inlay Blanks consist of 1/4 sheet of Abalam, a revolutionary material invented by Chuck Erikson, The Duke of Pearl and Larry Sifel, the CNC Guru of PearlWorks.  They are ultra high-quality natural shell that is laminated into sheets that are 5.500 by 9.500 inches.  These Inlay Blanks measure approximately 2.75 by 4.75 minus the saw kerf used to cut them.  I always divide the sheets up evenly for the best value.  This material is GREAT for all inlay purposes.  I stock .050 thick material, but I can get thicknesses from .006-.009 veneers to .060 thick on special order.  I sell ONLY genuine Duke of Pearl Abalam, U.S. Patents 5,776,581, 6,190,491 and 6,432,506.

Green Standard Abalam 1/4 sheet

Paua Rim Abalam 1/4 sheet

Pink Select Abalam 1/4 sheet

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Last modified: November 17, 2013