Guitar Picks

We are now stocking 5 standard types of Guitar / Mandolin picks in 3 different materials.  Water Buffalo Horn, Water Buffalo Bone, and White Mother of Pearl.  The photo shows Picks #1 - #5 in order from left to right.  The material is Water Buffalo Horn which is a WONDERFUL substitute for Tortoise Shell.  Pick #1 (far left) is a standard guitar pick design, Pick #2 is nice Tri-Corner, Pick #3 is a Large Mandolin Pick, Pick #4 is a Small Mandolin Pick and Pick #5 is a VERY SPECIAL carved Gypsy Jazz Guitar Pick.  #5 has a thumb relief on the front and a finger relief on the back.  This pick is available in both right-handed (shown) and left-handed models.

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Last modified: November 17, 2013