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At Leonard Musical Instruments, we are focused on serving the Guitar and Bass builder / designer community. Write / eMail us for our list.  We are sure you will be pleased.

Be sure to check our auctions on eBay frequently.  We have both traditional auction bidding and 'buy-it-now' in our eBay store if you REALLY need something for the weekend.  We usually ship first class with shipping charges of $3.99 for our small items, but we also offer Priority Mail shipping if you are in a rush.  If you 'buy-it-now', and you 'pay-it-now', then WE WILL 'ship-it-now' for your enjoyment and to help you meet your busy schedule.  Check out our eBay feedback for our many fully satisfied customers.  See our product list and our eBay Store for all our current offerings.

Mother of Pearl and Abalone Inlay Materials

We have Mother of Pearl and Abalone inlay materials in dots / rounds and raw blanks for your own hand cutting.  We also offer CNC-cut inlay patterns for the Guitar, Banjo and Mandolin builder community.  Inquire about our custom CNC inlay part manufacturing capabilities.  We are now offering Abalam in several standard, in-stock colors and we can special order any other color / type of Abalam for you.

Custom Steel String Acoustic Guitar Rosettes

We sell many different Steel String Acoustic Guitar Rosettes, and we can easily design a custom width, radius or any other parameter you wish.  We cut these Rosettes from Abalam to the highest tolerances on our inhouse CNC router.  Please inquire about coordinated Truss Rod Covers and Purfling Strips for a complete Guitar Decoration Solution.  We can also cut Rosettes from exotic materials.


We sell two different Pickguards, a Green Abalone and a Paua Abalone.  Take a look at the Pickguard Page to see these and one of the Green Abalone guards installed on a customer's instrument.

Exotic Inlay Materials
We stock a wide variety of crushed stone and shell materials and we provide technical support on their use in Musical Instrument Decoration.  We also specialize in providing 'thick' (approximately 1/16") veneers for use in highly stylized multi-media inlay patterns.

Tools, Jigs, Templates and Molds

We stock a variety of tools, jigs, templates and molds for both Electric and Acoustic Guitar and Bass construction.  In addition to our standard line, we will also make custom tooling for you to your specification.  Please inquire about our services in this area.

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