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Resources For Guitar and Bass Builders

Visit my technical notes page to download the papers I have written on musical instrument construction.

Also have a look at my current project guitars.  These are instruments that I am building.  I plan to offer the jigs and templates that result as products.

The Musical Instrument Makers Forum is a WONDERFUL meeting place filled with knowledge and advice.  Visit it online, and if you like what you see, be sure to subscribe and support the MIMF in whatever way you can.

USENet has many forums of interest to music fans, but for me nothing beats rec.music.makers.builders.  The best place to read the content of this NewsGroup is on Google Groups.  The archive is fully searchable, and is a treasure trove of information on designing and building both Acoustic and Electric guitars and basses.  I never would have been able to complete my first electric bass if it were not for this NewsGroup.  HIGHLY recommended.

For anybody that lives in the Southern California area, Orange Coast College has a Saturday afternoon class on acoustic guitar building.  I have just enrolled and I can report that the class is full of very nice, friendly folks and is taught by a VERY knowledgeable instructor, Mr. Eric Nichols.  HIGHLY recommended if you can get there.  Register EARLY since this class is in high demand.  The class is section 1636, Music 273AD.

The 13th Fret is a highly active, very professional and enjoyable website with the nicest group of folks around!  They have a VERY popular discussion forum and lots of other goodies.  HIGHLY recommended.

Guitar Notes is a very comprehensive site that contains MUCH of interest.  There are sections for the player and the builder.  Lots of links and articles.

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