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At Leonard Musical Instruments we offer a variety of services to enhance your quality and ease of Design and Construction of your custom musical instruments.  From CAD Software and consulting to CNC system sales and software, we will go the extra mile for your individual needs.  Please contact us about our current capabilities and pre-written software.  Besides CNC programs for routers, we also offer custom Windows Personal Computer Applications for the Musical Instrument industry.

CNC Systems Sales and Service

We are a value-added dealer for Liberty CNC, the most cost-effective CNC solution for the small musical instrument designer and builder.  We can install a Liberty Router for cutting inlay patterns, write software for your operation and even deliver a complete turn-key solution, complete with training and custom software!  Contact us about our unique capabilities in this area.

Custom CNC Inlay Design and Manufacturing

We have done Custom Inlay design for other luthiers, and we can do it for you too!  We can work from a number of sources including ideas, sketches and full CAD drawings.  Programming charges are commensurate with the effort needed to realize your design in the materials of your choice.

Musical Instrument Design Consulting
We can assist you in design and tooling for production of both solid-body and semi-hollow body Electric Guitars and Basses.  We have a special expertise in Basses.

We can write custom CNC and Windows PC software for you.  Our expertise includes 23 years experience building application software products.  We have been involved in Windows development since 1993, and now we are doing CNC programming for this industry as well.

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